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The new HotAsh Big Butts have finally arrived this beautiful 6 x 60 is mad with 97% Nicaraguan & 3% Panama with a gorgeous broad leaf Connecticut wrapper. We also receive our box press Churchill, Toro & Robusto all with the same delicious tobacco blend. Supplies are limited don't hesitate. Everyone know cigar smokers appreciate a great "BUTT" [CLICK HERE]

The Hot Ash 10th Anniversary cigar are 100% Cuban born and are made with hand selected tobacco leaves. They are hand-rolled in small batches with special attention to every details. The filler has the most veins, which in turn brings a more pleasant taste to the cigar. For the wrapper, we only use the outer portions of the leaves with the least amount of veins, this gives the cigar the finest texture and elasticity to compound the aroma desired by cigar afficanodos. Each cigar goes through a labor intensive seven-part process. After experiencing them you will also agree that it was well worth the efforts.

The Original Hot Ash Blend comes from Nicaragua. The story of Nicaraguan cigars is a dramatic one, spiked with crises but crowned by the achievements and endurance of its people. Today some of the best cigars in the world are coming from Nicaraguan fields like The Hot Ash Originals are 100% choice Nicaraguan long filler tobacco. It is surprisingly full-bodied, with a crack of pepper transitioning to woody essences.

HOT Ash Distributorships

This program is designed for the independent entrepreneur in a defined exclusive territory. Hot Ash is a registered trademark owned by the House of Tobacco, Inc. offering a variety of products, accessories and cigars. The distributor will market these products as well as other fine cigar products in their defined exclusive territory. The distributorship when executed properly will provide each with a steady flow of income as well as an opportunity to make a tremendous amount of money. [CLICK HERE]

The House of Tobacco staff has a great deal of experienced in regards to the tobacco industry. We follow all the top cigar publications to stay on top of which cigars are in demand. We purchase large quantities of top selling cigars direct from each manufacturer at huge discount prices and stock your cabinet with only the best sellers each and every month.